Friday, February 24, 2012

My Lord and My God

God sent his son, the holy one

He came to teach us a better way.

his task would not be left undone,

For God's people had been lead astray.

The people were living in great sin,

God loved us so, he sent Jesus to show us how to live.

He sent his word to show us how a new life to begin,

His only purpose was so our sins God could forgive.

He became the light to those who could not see,

He was the healer for those who could not walk.

He came to save us all for in our faith was like a babies,

Common people and rabies all came to hear him talk.

To hear the truth, the love of God,

They saw the holy spirit as it  flowed

they were amazed by the miracles and stood in awe

To us a promise of God's grace, he bestowed.

If only we would accept God into our hearts

our soul from hell he would save.

He died upon that wretched cross because of the leaders fears.

They placed him into his grave.

The Mary's went to visit the tomb, but saw the stone rolled away

An angel of God to them appeared

He said your Lord has risen this day

Thomas doubted, to him the message was unclear.

He appeared to Thomas who touched his pierced side

My Lord, My God, he proclaimed

His heart could no longer his lord deny.

It is true his followers exclaimed.

Christ has risen and we are saved.

He came to heal, love and forgive.

To our sins we are no longer enslaved.

No longer in the dark to be held captive.

Copyrighted by Sherry Martz, 3-2009
You steal it and I will sick God on you!!!