Thursday, May 3, 2012

Princess diaper cake for a baby shower centerpeice or decoration

A princess diaper cake, my newest creation! I had a lot of fun making this one loved being able to do something girlie!

Finished cake has 85 Pampers diapers

This is a round cake plate you can get them anywhere they sell Wilton. I hot glued the ruffle puffy thing around the edge of it.

These are my diapers rolled with the rubber bands holding them together I like to do do rubber bands to keep the cake in balance.

Top of the rolled diapers

Bottom layer with rubber bands and getting the ribbon put on.

Two bottom layers

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This is the top layer. I took the dress the doll had on and made her the dress, hand band She also has some of the ruffle at the bottom layer on her as a boa.

Top layer with doll in place her princess wand a Tiara on the from of the middle layer. I also added just some netting glued the end to a tooth pick and twisted them on it. I cleared each diaper so that they didn't get scratched up and  be unusable.

This is the top my little princess diaper cake