Thursday, April 26, 2012

Diaper Cake for a Baby Shower

I have been wanting to try making a diaper cake for awhile now I looked for directions on line found several different ones you can Google them or I  searched for diaper cakes on Pinterest and found the directions.  I then did it my own way in the end but aren't directions there to get us started? Plus they really are pretty simple to make. Rubber bands or not which seems to be the biggest debate about these.. I didn't use rubber bands mainly because I didn't have any but I didn't need them either.
These are not real complected  to make and don't take a lot of time however the ribbon gets kind of expensive and the little baby things can also. If anyone knows a good place to buy ribbon please let me know.

The first thing I learned while making my first diaper cake is to buy pampers as they do NOT have a design on them. The design on my Huggies ended up not showing up anyway but I had to make sure to use enough ribbon to cover it. To make a fuller cake you can use size 2 diapers but then the new Mom can't use them right away. I would probably want the cake to sit in the nursery for awhile myself. I used the size 1 so she could use them right away..

I bought some white foam board at Dollar tree and traced around a tray which was about an inch larger than my largest cake pan I would be using. It didn't take much time with a craft knife also bought at the Dollar tree to cut the circle out and I could get at least three maybe more out of it.

I then cut some Noahs ark fabric I happen to have in a circle and hot glued that to the board Just turn it under and glue. Cut off excess fabric if you cut it too large I didn't and had to stretch mine a bit which worked out well. You don't need to do this as it hardly shows up but I did glue that small blue ribbon around the board after I covered it.

There are several different ways to do this and I will be posting my how too soon. Some people roll the diapers and put rubber bands on them to hold them in place, I didn't. I folded the diapers in half and used three Wilton cake pans to lay then in. Put something in the middle I used for the largest pan a large can of Spaghetti sauce it just keeps the diapers for moving all around once you get the diapers in place, you remove the can and roll diapers to fill the middle where the can was at. I also saw one lady had used a paper towel cardboard roll I think this is an awesome idea but I saw that after I was almost finished with mine so next time going to do that in the middle would hold the cake together also.

Once you get all of your diapers in your pan rather you have rolled or folded them tie a thin ribbon around them. Just to hold them in place and then you move on and do the next two layers in my case. The pans worked great for holding the diapers and if this hadn't been my first one I am sure it would have gone pretty fast.

Once you have all the cake layers done and on the top one because it was so small I did roll the diapers. I kind of combined a couple of ways cause well that's what I do.

When you have all your layers finished in my case it was three. Figure out how you want your ribbons. I just guessed when I was shopping at what I would need. You definitely need wide ribbon  to help hold the diapers securely. They don't need to be super tight but snug if you are going to be adding things inside like I ended up doing. I used my hot glue gun to glue the ends of the ribbon together.

I wanted my stuff animal to stay on my top layer so I tied a ribbon on him and ran it down the center of that layer and then tied it to an empty ribbon spool I removed a couple of diapers in the middle layer and place the ribbon spool inside that connects those two layers which you don't have to do and can still be easily taken apart again.

I picked up some small baby shampoo, lotion and baby wash next time I will get 2 of each so that they go all the way around. You can place those inside your larger ribbon. I also got those really cute stuff rattles from Walmart Love those and they fit in so perfectly. I also got some soft Velcro sports balls I use to hang things like these on the shopping cart to keep my youngest entertained while I shopped. I got two nuk pacifiers they are tied on the top layer the ribbon is tied to the giraffe.  I make a bow with the left over ribbon and tied that to his neck. I also bought a brush and comb which and placed into the middle layers ribbon. Just make sure you secure the ribbons.

So here it is my first diaper cake now which one of the three expecting mothers is going to get this one? Two are having boys which is why I went with the boy theme. I am really wanting to do a girlie one next. I think I am hooked!!

Next time I will take pictures of the process so you get a better understanding of how these are done. I don't know who came up with this idea but I love it. There is also a stroller will be trying that one soon as well!!


  1. dollar stores are good for baby items. and flea markets and clearance shelves for ribbon.i love these diaper "cakes"

  2. Yeah I wish I had thought of that before that the ribbon and diapers were the only big cost. I had JUST been to the dollar store too which is where I got the white foam board at.. This wasn't what I was buying it for though.. I have something else I am going to do with it. I found a lot of ribbon earlier on Ebay!! Too much maybe..

  3. This one looks great!!! I love the topper!

    1. good instructions...going to give it a whirl! Thanks

  4. Superb diaper cake. I really liked the idea which is really unique and good. Want to have similar one for my niece’s baby shower at one of LA event venues. This adorable cake will just add to grace of the delicious food. Thanks for the idea.