Friday, April 27, 2012

Diaper baby shower bassinet

This is another cute baby shower decoration or could be a gift, a bassinet made of diapers. Another pretty easy to make once you know how, just have fun decorating it. 
Once again these are my first ones I will do a tutorial later on both the cake and bassinet as soon as I get some more ribbon and diapers. Gonna try size 2 next time. Also I am going to use Pampers since they don't have the design on them which I found for the diaper across the top that showed up more..

Side view of the bassinet I didn't put any wheels on mine some people do thinking theirs are  strollers maybe?

This is the very front of it just a little bow since it is a small space and I used two ribbons because I used two rubber bands around the diapers it was trying to flare out around the bottom. I also need more rubber bands need to make a list..

Front side sorry about the crooked pictures.. I have a onesie for the blanket and a matching bib rolled up for the pillow these were thicker since they came from Penny's so they took a little more room but in person it looks really cute.

Side view this is where you can see the print on the Huggie diaper it is ok but Micky and Minnie are upside down. lol

Top view of the bassinet you can see the shirt or onesie a bit better here this is what I had in the house have a friend who is having a baby, she will be getting these.

Here are the two together kind of went with a Noah's ark/jungle theme I hope she likes them. I will do step by steps of each on the next ones.


  1. If you are already in the department store, check the bassinet thoroughly for even the littlest defect that may potentially harm your bassinet for newborn