Saturday, March 31, 2012

Simple keepsake family book for a baby

This is a simple keepsake family book I made for my youngest granddaughter it is mostly iron on and glued which makes it pretty simple. I did hand sew the quit binding on and had to stitch with my machine in the middle of the book to hold it together.

I made this little cloth book for my granddaughter when she was a year old for Christmas. My daughter and her family live in another state and we had talked when her oldest daughter was little that it would be nice to have pictures of us for her to point out. It took me awhile to figure out how it would be safe to give a book to a baby and them be able to chew on it and whatever.. 

This is Emma, the Christmas she got the book, doesn't look real thrilled at whatever Mommy is trying to get her to eat..

I don't have any pictures of the book, as  I was making it. I tend to just create as I go so I am going to try to tell you..

I used fabric I had left over from the baby quilt I made for her older sister and the pink ruffle is also from the quilt I used for binding, it worked nicely to cover both edges. One of the few things actually sewn on. I laid it out as a cover and used a thick batting to stabilize it I also to help with that use wonder under and ironed it together both sides of the batting to both sides of the cover this gave it more strength.

since I wanted my pictures to show up I used plain white fabric. I used the iron on printer paper now they have where you can print right on the fabric which would have saved a lot of time.

I cut out all of the fabric so it would be the same size and then took the pictures and laid out how many I wanted to do. I have posted (some) of them here.

I found some cute ribbons and iron on appliques and some small gems at the craft store. I used Arlene's no sew glue to glue those on and last time I saw the book about 6 months ago everything was still in place. The only struggle I had was after so many pages were in it, got thick I ran two seems down the middle pages of the book and it has held up very nicely pretty much looks brand new.

The idea was that she would have a book and could see our faces when she wanted since we don't live that close and only get to see them a few times a year. I wanted it to be something that she could carry around and no one had to worry about her choking on anything or that she was messing up good pictures.

After I glued on the gems I tried my hardest to pull them back off once they dried none of them gave at all so I figured we were pretty safe.. I had a lot of fun making this and I hope this will be something Emma will pass on to her children maybe she will even add some more pictures to it.

This is the front of the book I used iron on appliques I found at the store.

I ironed on the pictures, first this is a picture of my husband's parents and my daughters before they were married this way she had Granny and Pop in it also.

My husband and I, I always tell the kids including my sons that when they see a heart it means I love them so it seemed appropriate to put here.

Great Grandfather

My husband and I with our two granddaughters, this was made for the baby, Emma I am holding.

 These are just little butterfly gems I glued onto the page and went around the page with some polka dot ribbon.

Granny Sue (great grandmother) holding Emma, they live 25 hours away so this was a rare occasion.
 Stripped ribbon glues around the picture with heart and flower gems glued in the corners.

My three boys, technically her uncles

My husband and I with our daughters when they were in high school at a friends wedding.

Me holding Emma at her first birthday party I made this book right after this.

My daughter, Emma's Mother and my husband

My youngest daughter after her wedding.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Books for children about adoption

Really cool books for children about adoption I found all of these on and thought I would share some of the ones I really connected with. You can go to Amazon and read more about each one or put the name in a search if you prefer I happen to use Amazon. Hope you find something you like!

A Blessing from Above (Little Golden Book) 

Patti Henderson (Author), Elizabeth Edge (Illustrator)

Book Description

Publication Date: May 11, 2004 | Age Level: 2 and up | Series: Little Golden Book

Every night before she goes to sleep, a kangaroo prays under the stars for a baby to love and hold. One day, as she rests under a tree, a baby bird falls out of its crowded nest—plop!—right into her pouch! Now, every night before they fall asleep, Momma-Roo and Little One thank God for all their blessings . . . but especially for each other.

The book closes with a quote from Ephesians 1:5: “In love he destined us for adoption to himself. . .

I Wished for You: an Adoption Story (Mom's Choice Award Recipient, Book of the Year Award, Creative Child Magazine)

Author: Marianne Richmond

Book Description

Publication Date: January 1, 2008 | Age Level: 2 and up
I Wished for You: an adoption story follows a conversation between Barley Bear and his Mama as they curl up in their favorite cuddle spot and discuss how they became a family. Barley asks Mama the questions many adopted children have, and Mama lovingly answers them all.

Rosie's Family: An Adoption Story

Lori Rosove (Author)

Book Description

Publication Date: July 1, 2001 | Age Level: 4 and up
Rosie's Family is a story about belonging in a family regardless of differences. Rosie is a beagle who was adopted by schnauzers. She feels different from the rest of her family and sets forth many questions that children who were adopted may have.

This is a pretty cool journal or diary for you adopted child. I am doing a scrapbook for each of my boys and will be putting some of the same type of things in those. I really liked this one though if you are not into scrap-booking!

My Family, My Journey: A Baby Book for Adoptive Families

Zoe Francesca (Author), Susie Ghahremani (Illustrator)

Book Description

Publication Date: April 26, 2007
For the growing audience of adoptive families, Chronicle Books is proud to offer a baby book that suits the wide array of experiences and choices that bring a family and their new child together. This lovely keepsake album contains sections to record all the joyful milestones and cherished family moments that mark a new baby's life, pages to chart the adopted child's unique journey, as well as a sturdy pocket in which to store important documents and memorabilia. Inside the pocket are over 60 stickers you can use to customize the family tree pages. As the pages of the journal fill with memories, My Family, My Journey will stand as a lasting testament of love for the entire family.

You Are My Wish Come True [Hardcover]

Book Description

Publication Date: January 1, 2008 | Age Level: 2 and up
You are my Wish come True, is a tender tale of devotion between a parent and child. Settled into their favorite cuddle spot, Mama reassures Barley that he was wished for, prayed for and waited for. And that he is far more beautiful and precious than she could have ever imagined!Endearing prose and charming watercolor illustrations make these books delightful ways to cozy up with a beloved child.

Forever Fingerprints: An Amazing Discovery for Adopted Children [Library Binding]

Sherrie Eldridge (Author), Rob Williams (Illustrator)

Book Description

Publication Date: August 15, 2007 | Age Level: 4 and up | Grade Level: P and up
For adopted children, learning about their beginnings and how they understand what that means to them is a process. It doesn't happen at one point in time, but rather throughout the experiences of life. In this heartwarming children s book, Forever Fingerprints uses a common occurrence a relative s pregnancy as a springboard for discussions on birth parents, where adopted children are before they are born, and how that makes one little girl feel about it. Lucie is excited to feel a baby moving in her Aunt Grace s tummy but it makes her think of how she understands her adoption story in a different way. The tools offered in this book help her to create a unique connection to her birth parents, allow how she is feeling to surface and to be discussed, and give Lucie s parents the chance to reinforce their love for her, to empathize with her feelings and to honor her past. This book book resonates with 7 year olds and adults who have discovered that the feelings and emotions are shared by so many. While it looks like a simple children's book, this book helps parents and children create a family connection and strong foundation for discussing adoption questions. It's a veritable toolbox for adoptive families with a parent guide at the end of the book on how to open adoption discussion and a wonderful connection to birth parents for every adopted person, regardless of their age, with their fingerprints.
From Amazon

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Why do Children lie?

Why oh why do they lie?

My eight year old son Tyler would be classified as a compulsive liar. I am sure you have heard the saying, “ I know you are lying because your lips are moving.” I needed to find some answers and while these do not cover all of the reasons children tell lies. Some of them have lead me to discover a couple of things like why the lies started and why he holds on to them.

Tyler is adopted, he also has fetal alcohol syndrome. In the past he needed to lie to survive or at least he saw it that way. He lied to get what he needed or wanted. He lied to keep from being mistreated although I doubt this made much difference. He also learned to lie to get people's attention and keep it. The two types of lies, we deal with now is to get our attention and because it has just become a habit. I have to remind myself in all the behaviors Tyler has he thought he needed in the past to survive they then became tools and habits. He doesn't let go of his behaviors very easily and there are somethings no one will ever really know about his behaviors but we keep on working and we do see results, it is a very slow progress but progress is still progress. It helps to think back three of four years ago at where we started and then look at how far we have come.

This is a list of some of the reason children lie:

They don't know what's true.
Children who behave impulsively may not be fully aware of what they've done. Children who have trouble with language processing, many children with special needs including fetal alcohol syndrome and autism have this problem. They simply may not have understood what was asked or expected.

They can't predict cause and effect. I can remember watching Sesame street and the little girl has a balloon and she wants to pop it. She thinks it through if I pop this balloon it will wake up the baby. If I wake up the baby my Mommy will be angry with me. Some children with special needs can not connect cause and effect. This is also something toddlers have to learn which is why many of them use the word “no” how many times do they hear it in a day?

They know the truth will make you angry. If a child has done something wrong and you confront the child. Many will lie to try to avoid the consequences for the behavior. Some will lie because they do not want you to think badly of them.

They're just trying to get your attention or the attention of others. Some children will make up stories to get your attention.

They are guessing at what they think you want to hear, My son knows because he lies most of the time we probably are not going to believe what he is telling us so sometimes he will just guess at what he thinks we want to hear. Thus lying again we keep telling him we only want the truth.

They lie because it has become a habit At some time in their lives they learned lying worked for them and now it has become a habit.

They lie because they have oppositional defiant disorder - This just what is sounds like ODD another thing Tyler deals with. He does the opposite of what he knows we want him to do much of the time but not all of it. He has good days and bad days with this. I believe many of his lies come from this disorder. Another special needs.

Now what do you do when your child lies, here are a few suggestions:

Be clear and even-tempered in your expectations. Yelling will likely result in more lies.

Children who are compulsive liars need to be monitored closely so you know what they are doing. Tyler tends to steal also and has other behaviors he will lie about. He has to be supervised when he is downstairs.

Ask your child what they think you believed happened. I found this in Nancy Thomas' book, “When Love is Not Enough." I really like it and use it a lot of the time. It cuts out all the back and forth and the attention seeking also stops anymore lies.

Make sure you have your child's attention when you ask a question. My children are often slow to respond as many special needs children are. Give them some time when they are under the stress of having just been caught stealing or lying they will take longer to respond but you don't have to stand there and wait. I have gotten so I will send them to sit on the steps or to their room to think about it and then they can come and tell me when they are ready. Remember too, some children don't care about the consequences and now have your attention.

Take "I don't know" as an answer at times this is the answer, they really might not know why.

Respect your child's own reality. My youngest son tells me the bath water is too hot for him when it is warm he has to have it at room temperature to him this is his truth. My husband put him in a warm bath the other night and when I came home he told me Daddy put him in really hot water. His truth, reality was it was warm water. To him the water felt hot so this was not a lie it was his truth.

Model honesty in your household. If a child hears you lying they are going to learn to tell lies and they aren't going to understand why this behavior is unacceptable by you.

Try not to become angry and keep your tone even. I know this is not easy to do when you are stressed out from dealing with lying all day long or other behaviors since lying typically doesn't come alone.

One of the things I do also is, when the boys answer me with a lie I will tell them, let's wipe that one away and I use my hand like eraser on a chalkboard and make small circles with my hand, they will follow the motion and then I say ok let's try the truth this time. I only do this twice to give them the chance at working through it.You do have to let the lies they told first go for us we are breaking a habit and that is much more important that it took us going through two lies to get there. Deal with the thing that was lied about not the lies once the truth has been told.

Please feel free to add to my list, I read a lot on line, books on RAD, ADHD, FAS and adopting children with special needs and have take several foster parenting courses, so not all of these are my own findings as I am not an expert and I am sure I left many reason out and many ways of effectively dealing with the lying. For us I think Nancy Thomas' ask they what they think you believe happened has worked well. The other thing that has worked for me is to erase the lie and start over.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Life is crazy..

 I Had a rough morning with my oldest son, Tyler (8) which is pretty normal then I backed up out of the garage and it sounded like I was dragging something.. hmmm maybe because there was a bike under my van.. Got it out and I think only the training wheel was damaged..
I was pretty sure I was late since no one was in the fellowship hall so I rushed up the steps only to find the sanctuary empty. We WERE EARLY! So a couple of men got a good laugh about that.. I was like wow did the rapture happen and I got left behind with the two of you? Just my luck!! Ha ha! My husband had taken our two little ones to Sunday school with him so it was just Tyler and I..
Church finally gets started and of course even though I was there 15 minutes early I am still one of the last ones in. Somehow I manage to be late even when I am early it's ok though they have given up on me being in the pew on time. I am usually chasing one of my boys around trying to get us all in the same place at the same time can be a challenge.
Church was really good this morning really enjoyed the message and the singing.. Not to mention getting to play with the baby behind me. What a joy and blessing to have her and "those adults" who come with her in our church family. Not everything happens the way we want or expect but God's hand it in it just the same.
I did leave right after though wanted to get Tyler home he was in one of his moods and that isn't good. He was not even being nice to people at church which is becoming more and more the case. Some of that is kind of good because they get to see the boy we see everyday and not the fake one he use to show people. I just wish he could be happy.. I have faith that one day he will. Today was not that day, not for him.
My husband put Stephan's (6) loft bed into Christopher's (4) bedroom Oh my the fun the two of them had! The mess and noise they made though, the two of them are best friends and two peas in a pod! We have been trying to figure out how to get Christopher to sleep in his own bed and tonight he went upstairs after prayers and got into his own bed and went to sleep! YAY!! He did come back down one time and my husband took him to the bathroom and then back to his own bed. So far so good usually he is back up again for hours! Well he is now back down here but he sleeping on the couch pretty good it is almost 1 am..
I checked my face book this afternoon to find that a friend who had passed away several months ago, her sister who my friends and I had become closer too, daughter has passed away too. Her daughter was also special needs I believe she was in her early 20's. I don't want to question God because I know he knows what he is doing but wow to lose a child has to be one of the worse pains a parent can endure. My heart has been breaking for her all day. It was so hard to even type on her page how sorry I was because words just can't express it enough. Everything I typed just didn't seem to compare to what I was really feeling for her. I don't think there are any magic words at times like these. The I am so sorry and you are in my thoughts and prayers just seem like so little and yet what else can you say? What do you say to a mother who has just lost her child?
Back to church.. during prayers I spoke about my own daughter my oldest she is flying across the US this morning to interview at two plants both seem to really want her, this would mean she and her family, our two grand-daughters would be moving. It is a great opportunity for her and an increase in pay. I am so very proud of her but as her mother it is hard to let go. They are six hours away as it is so to think of 30 hours is a bit hard. She was also recently diagnosed with EDS, her oldest daughter also has it..She has open heart surgery two years ago which is what lead to the discovery of the EDS in our family. My daughter her mother begin to research and found this which is good since she has a sever case of it.  My husband has it and it is also in my family, though it is a rare disorder.. yep leave it to us to be able to make it not so rare.. This is what worries me more than anything, her health has not been good but after hearing about my friends daughter it seems like this is so much more of a blessing than I first thought. I am going to miss her like crazy and the girls too but at least I know they are safe and they are alive! I can pick up the phone and call her and I will still be able to email her.
So I was feeling a bit petty having asked for prayers when my daughter is only moving and we don't even know if she will take either job though pretty sure she will..
Twenty years or so ago.. my husband and I moved our little family at the time from TX to IN. I remember my mother in law crying and I didn't totally understand her pain. Now as a mother I do. I also understand why my daughter, whom my husband and I raised to be strong and independent would do the same for her family. I am going to support and encourage her she is a wonderful young woman and I very proud of her and very thankful that she will only be on the other end of the country from me. I do reserve the right to cry however even if it is when she isn't around.. I know she will miss us too I mean who wouldn't?
So tonight my husband and I got to sit and talk without a child in between us making noise. God has shown me that it is ok for my daughter to move 30 hours away because he will be there with her as he always has been.
I am also very proud of my youngest daughter who is very supportive of her sister and really does encourage her too. When they were little and would fight I use to make them say they were sorry and hug.. I use to always hear when we grow up you can't make me hug her! I don't have too! They love each other so much and that makes me feel so good too.. God has filled my life with so many blessings and while I grieve for my friend's loss I am humbled by the blessings God has reminded me that I have today.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Train Bed

My youngest son Christopher loves trains, he loves "Thomas the train" so I came up with an idea to build him a train bed..
I came up with the idea so my husband got to do the building.. I drew up a basic plan and he did the work, we went to Menard's and found things like the black pipe for the smoke stack and the round pieces of wood for the face which I painted and four smaller ones all pre-cut for the wheels of the train.

The bed is a long twin size because I designed it with a fairly wide book shelves on the headboard and another book shelf to hold toys on the foot board which I would make a bit narrower if I did it again just because it is longer.

Robert working on getting the smoke stack in

Attached the face and wheels on it and did some of the painting
The face is painted on a round piece of wood from Menard's

Christopher climbing on his new bed

Side view of the train, still have a little more detail to put on it

Head board is a two shelf bookshelf

End view of the bed in Christopher's room

Foot board which has a bookshelf too
if I did this again we would leave off this shelf
as the bed is a bit long

Other than the length I am very happy with the way the bed came out. Most of all Christopher loves his train bed and that is what really matters!

Friday, March 9, 2012

cowgirl skirt made from bandanas

Emma in her cowgirl skirt

Even petting a real horse don't worry Mom and Dad, its an Amish horse!

This horse might look tamer but it is NOT Amish!

My granddaughter Emma loves horses, Jessie from Toy Story and dressing up like a princess. I had an idea after seeing another skirt to make her one out of bandanas. You can get them in so many colors and with so many different things on them now. This is a pretty easy skirt to make and doesn't take a seasoned seamstress to make it.

This is the backside with a white T-shirt and I just tied a bandanna around his neck.

My granddaughter Emma loves horses, Jessie from Toy Story and dressing up like a princess. I had an idea after seeing another skirt, the scrap skirt, to make her one out of bandanas. You can get them in so many colors and with so many different things on them now. This is a pretty easy skirt to make and doesn't take a seasoned seamstress to make it.
Bandannas I got these are Walmart for a 1.00 each

I  washed them all and then folded then into a triangle. I then folded one side to the front and one side to the back.

layout the bandanna after washing

Fold it into a triangle just flip one side over

Fold one side down matching up the points

I folded the last corner to the back side,
it is also the corner that says made in China

I cut one of the pink bandannas' like the one above with the hearts on it to make the waist band. I used my son to measure since the two are the same size. I also measured a piece of elastic don't put this in yet.

First fold the tip top of the folded bandanna as seen above. I turned it over about an inch and a half and sewed it onto one side of the waist band.
Sew the waist band with the right or front side facing the bandannas. You are going to sew all of them.

The nest step is to close the waist band fold the back side of the waist band to the back and line it up pin it together and sew through the bandannas to attach the back side. Once you do this run your elastic through the waist band this establishes the waits band I used a wide piece of elastic.

Last step I sewed the bandannas together you can do this by hand if you like or on the machine. You just don't want the bandannas separating when your child is wearing the skirt. I only sewed about half way. This isn't a perfect science as some of the bandannas are going to be shorter or a bit longer just sew it however far you feel you need too. I sewed about an inch and a half to two inches. You want to make sure and only sew the edges together and allow the skirt to flow naturally. I basically sewed from the waist down to the first point and allowed the rest to hang down.

The finished skirt

Ok Mom enough already!
I only tried it on for my best friend Emma

had to leave this one!! lol
.. and this ends my sons modeling career at least for now... 
Who knows what Mom will come up with next!

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Potty training made easy for children with and without special needs

Potty training are you ready?

These are some simple steps which have worked for me to potty train, special needs children two of them with fetal alcohol syndrome and reactive attachment disorder, two with autism as well as three hard to train children. I have also potty trained four girls, two of my own who were trained before the age of two using these same steps.

Christopher's 2nd birthday in his big boy pants

Many children with fetal alcohol syndrome, Autism and other special needs can NOT be potty trained at the age of two, three or even four. This is because the brain doesn't tell the child he/she needs to go. Sometimes they are just simply not ready yet. Your child must be emotionally ready. He/She should want to go and not show any signs of fear or confusion. If your child is extremely resistant then it would be best on parents and child to wait a bit longer. I did use pull ups with my youngest who is very bright even though he does have fetal alcohol syndrome, it took a year of working with him for him to finally get the idea of what he was suppose to be doing. This took a great deal of time on my part but it was worth it to go slow with him. At three he was completely potty trained, he doesn't even have accidents except at night.

Two things you have to remember is to keep it positive and simple.

Take time to stop, watch and talk for a few days!
Before you begin to potty train, you need to stop and watch your child, watch for facial expression that come just before they pee or have a bowel movement. Watch to see what time of day your child normally goes poop and pee. Watch for signs your child is going pee or poop in their diaper and let them know this is what they are doing. This helps them connect going pee or poop to the feeling they have at the time. Most children actually have a natural schedule of when they go each day. This way you can make sure you have them on the potty when it is time to start training at those critical moments this will help your child to succeed and feel proud.

- Watch to see what foods your child is eating that causes them to go more. This might be carrots or broccoli could also be a milk product. Each child is different but it is always good to start out having them try to go after each meal if their bodies do not have a consistent schedule. I give my children Raisin bran if they have not been going regularly for breakfast and they go pretty quick after they eat it. Apples are also a great way to get your child going poop or apple juice at a certain time each day will help you know when they need to go. Watch to see how long It takes them to go after they eat the apple or drink juice. Also lots of water is always important for your child.

- Buy a good potty chair, explain to the child he is a big boy/girl now and you are going to pick him/her out a special potty just for them. Keep this very positive and if possible allow your child to help pick out his/her “big boy/girl potty.

Be excited and your child will be excited too.

- Buy“big boy/girl pants", make sure to buy plastic pants also at least 8-12 pairs. Expect your child to have accidents and deal with them calmly. The thicker training pants are best to start with and are more cost effective.

- Talk to your child, explain that they are big now and big kids go on the potty. Explain to them that you as parents use the potty, you could also let them see a slightly older sibling if there is one using the potty. I know some people take their child in the bathroom with them that is fine if this is what you chose to do..

Christopher being silly with his new big boy pants

Time to Potty train

You are going to need to have a piece of paper, some stickers and some toys from the dollar store.If you child is special needs there are other suggestions at the end.

Now that you are ready, lets get your child ready!

Step 1 - Is your child ready to try out his potty chair? You can put the chair in a common room at first so he/she can sit on it when they want. This gets them use to this new special chair just for her/him. It helps to relieve the fear of it all. This is a new concept to your child don't rush it.
I am gonna figure this out I promise!

Step 2- You should still be talking to your child about using the potty. Explain to him or her that they are now ready to go pee and poop in this new special child and how proud you are that he/she is so big. Again always be excited and positive and always expect some hesitation. Your child most likely is NOT going to jump up and down for joy if they think this is going to be a chore.

Step 3- Take a piece of paper and write your child's name at the top of it. You can have your child color it, if you want. Hang the paper on the wall with tape or put it on the fridge with magnets. A place where it is easy to get too. This is where you will need your stickers. Explain in simple terms that when your child is a “big boy/girl” and goes pee or poop on the potty he/she will get a sticker on their paper. Now you take out the bag of toys, not too many toys only 3-5 since you don't want to over stimulate the child when he sees them. Now explain to your child once his page is filled up with stickers he will get to pick a toy out of the bag. Start off with a lower number of stickers so your child is able to reach his goal and get one of those toys. I would suggest five or six for a few days then you can move up the number needed. 

Another first for me when all else fails, was giving my son M&Ms when he went potty. For children who have special needs you will have to do more and this worked well for him. Just make sure you have enough of them on hand.

Step4– Ask your child if he wants to try to go pee or poop on his new big boy potty. If he says no, this time wait and try again later. Keep positive and know some children just take longer to train.

Step 5 – The "BIG MOMENT" comes and he wants to sit on his potty and try to go pee. You go into the bathroom with him. Do not expect your child to go his first try and give him time. Have a couple of books already in the bathroom you can sit down on the floor next to him and read one of them to him. If he doesn't go tell him that it is okay, he can try again later and praise him for trying to go.

If he goes then praise him, clap your hands, dance around with him, hug him, this is a huge thing he has done. Tell him, “I have a big boy/girl now!!” Have him call Grandma and tell her he is a big boy and went pee on the potty or other supportive family members or friends your child is close to. Make sure he tells Daddy and make sure everyone knows ahead of time that their role is to be supportive and they too need to make a huge deal out of his first time. This will set what he does or doesn't do next into motion. All children love positive attention and I have found children with special needs need it even more. You want all the positive attention you can get for him/her going pee or poop on the potty.

Step 6 – “The accident” and there will be many. Know it, expect and accept it before it happens. Tell your child that it is okay, we all have accidents now we need to get you cleaned up. Clean him up and have him help wash out his underwear in the bathtub or sink, never the toilet, that is demeaning for a child or anyone else. Have a bucket ready in the bathroom to put the wet underwear in. Do not scold your child this is something he has not learned to control yet. Cleaning his underwear out should be just something you need to do, not a punishment but a fact. They are wet and need to be washed this teaches him how to clean them himself for later on. Don't dwell on the accident giving him too much attention for the accident will cause him to have more.

Step 7 – He goes on the potty again, praise him, hug him, clap for him or dance with him but make it fun! Once again, you have to set the tone and you have to always praise the behavior you want in any situation with your child. This is what you want to give him lots of attention for. Have your support people do the same rather it is Daddy, Grandma or other people. Make sure to give your child a sticker to put on their potty page.

Step 8 -Once your child has done well on the potty with only a couple of accidents. For children without special needs this should happen within two weeks. He should have been able to fill up a couple of sticker sheets by now and has the hang of it. At least one a week, If he hasn't done well the first two weeks continue as you have been. Make sure to give very little attention to the accidents, no scolding only tell him he is a big boy now and pee goes in the potty if you believe he is able to do so.

It is very tiring to go on the potty all the time!

If there are more accidents than not, your child might not be ready yet. This is the only time I would ever put a pull up on a child as I believe them to be very confusing. You can use them at night however explain to the child this is just because it is harder to go potty at night but you expect him to use the potty during the day. A pull up feels too much like a diaper and for over two – three years they have gone potty in a diaper. You want them to know when they have gone in underwear they will feel when they go pee o poop and they will want the dirty underwear off, so they are more likely to tell you they are wet.

Step 9 – If your child is getting it down, then increase the amount of stickers needed to get the new toy. This will help him to have more motivation to make it to the potty on time. Most children will get busy playing and not want to stop playing to go potty, this is normal. You need to tell you child at this point he is a big boy and you expect him to go pee on the potty. These days the praise is not as strong as you want him to get in the habit of going. You still need to give praise however and a hug can never hurt a child.

The more praise you give in the good times, the more good times you are going to GET!

Step 10 – Your child is dry during the day now but not at night. Bed wetting is very common in special needs children as it is in normal children. Some simple things you can do to help, is no more drinks two hours before bedtime expect for a small one right before bedtime. Make sure to send your child to the bathroom each night just before they go to bed, they should try rather they need to go or not this should become part of your bedtime routine. You also need to send your child to the bathroom before you leave your house tell them to try if they can't go no big deal.
If they pee at night do not make a big deal out of it simply get them dry underwear and PJ's. Do not give a lot of attention at this time either. Just help them get changed and back into bed. If this happens keep them in pull ups. Then give them a sticker each morning they wake up dry on their paper. This will also encourage them to try to stay dry if they are able. If they are not able, then they just don't get a sticker.
I am such a big boy now!!
Christopher age 3 fully potty trained

For hard to train or special needs children