Sunday, March 11, 2012

Train Bed

My youngest son Christopher loves trains, he loves "Thomas the train" so I came up with an idea to build him a train bed..
I came up with the idea so my husband got to do the building.. I drew up a basic plan and he did the work, we went to Menard's and found things like the black pipe for the smoke stack and the round pieces of wood for the face which I painted and four smaller ones all pre-cut for the wheels of the train.

The bed is a long twin size because I designed it with a fairly wide book shelves on the headboard and another book shelf to hold toys on the foot board which I would make a bit narrower if I did it again just because it is longer.

Robert working on getting the smoke stack in

Attached the face and wheels on it and did some of the painting
The face is painted on a round piece of wood from Menard's

Christopher climbing on his new bed

Side view of the train, still have a little more detail to put on it

Head board is a two shelf bookshelf

End view of the bed in Christopher's room

Foot board which has a bookshelf too
if I did this again we would leave off this shelf
as the bed is a bit long

Other than the length I am very happy with the way the bed came out. Most of all Christopher loves his train bed and that is what really matters!

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