Saturday, March 31, 2012

Simple keepsake family book for a baby

This is a simple keepsake family book I made for my youngest granddaughter it is mostly iron on and glued which makes it pretty simple. I did hand sew the quit binding on and had to stitch with my machine in the middle of the book to hold it together.

I made this little cloth book for my granddaughter when she was a year old for Christmas. My daughter and her family live in another state and we had talked when her oldest daughter was little that it would be nice to have pictures of us for her to point out. It took me awhile to figure out how it would be safe to give a book to a baby and them be able to chew on it and whatever.. 

This is Emma, the Christmas she got the book, doesn't look real thrilled at whatever Mommy is trying to get her to eat..

I don't have any pictures of the book, as  I was making it. I tend to just create as I go so I am going to try to tell you..

I used fabric I had left over from the baby quilt I made for her older sister and the pink ruffle is also from the quilt I used for binding, it worked nicely to cover both edges. One of the few things actually sewn on. I laid it out as a cover and used a thick batting to stabilize it I also to help with that use wonder under and ironed it together both sides of the batting to both sides of the cover this gave it more strength.

since I wanted my pictures to show up I used plain white fabric. I used the iron on printer paper now they have where you can print right on the fabric which would have saved a lot of time.

I cut out all of the fabric so it would be the same size and then took the pictures and laid out how many I wanted to do. I have posted (some) of them here.

I found some cute ribbons and iron on appliques and some small gems at the craft store. I used Arlene's no sew glue to glue those on and last time I saw the book about 6 months ago everything was still in place. The only struggle I had was after so many pages were in it, got thick I ran two seems down the middle pages of the book and it has held up very nicely pretty much looks brand new.

The idea was that she would have a book and could see our faces when she wanted since we don't live that close and only get to see them a few times a year. I wanted it to be something that she could carry around and no one had to worry about her choking on anything or that she was messing up good pictures.

After I glued on the gems I tried my hardest to pull them back off once they dried none of them gave at all so I figured we were pretty safe.. I had a lot of fun making this and I hope this will be something Emma will pass on to her children maybe she will even add some more pictures to it.

This is the front of the book I used iron on appliques I found at the store.

I ironed on the pictures, first this is a picture of my husband's parents and my daughters before they were married this way she had Granny and Pop in it also.

My husband and I, I always tell the kids including my sons that when they see a heart it means I love them so it seemed appropriate to put here.

Great Grandfather

My husband and I with our two granddaughters, this was made for the baby, Emma I am holding.

 These are just little butterfly gems I glued onto the page and went around the page with some polka dot ribbon.

Granny Sue (great grandmother) holding Emma, they live 25 hours away so this was a rare occasion.
 Stripped ribbon glues around the picture with heart and flower gems glued in the corners.

My three boys, technically her uncles

My husband and I with our daughters when they were in high school at a friends wedding.

Me holding Emma at her first birthday party I made this book right after this.

My daughter, Emma's Mother and my husband

My youngest daughter after her wedding.

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