Monday, April 23, 2012

How to get shoes clean

I was sorting through clothes and toys today, trying to get something ready for a garage sale.
I came across a pair of white Reebok shoes I have bought for my middle son they had been sitting in a closet and were looking pretty worn out but just the right size for his younger brother. My Mother in law had told me years ago to use soft scrub to clean shoes.. Well it worked back then and it worked today.
I did have to use an old toothbrush as my boys really like playing in the mud and dirt it tends to follow them where ever they go..

one pair of dirty shoes and some soft scrub

liberally squeeze some on the shoe and since these were so bad I used an old toothbrush and swirled it around. This has bleach in it but it didn't bother the red and blue trim on the shoes.

Wipe off with a wet cloth and looking good!

They look almost new again and at least will give us an extra pair of shoes for the summer.


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